When does the course start?
CIL 1 Dates: Tues, 20th September 2016
CIL PLUS Dates: Sunday 10th May 2015
How long is the course?
4 terms - Each term is 10 weeks
When will the session be held?
CIL 1 – Every Tuesday 7 – 9pm
CIL PLUS – Every Sunday 7 – 9pm
Where is the course held?
Bucks New University, Gateway Lecture Theatre
Who is the course taught by?
Shaykh Tanveer Hussain -
How much is the course?
CIL 1 £225.00
CIL PLUS £225.00
Do I need to do CIL 1 before I start CIL PLUS?
Yes, unless you have studied Fard ‘Ayn knowledge elsewhere, then you will need to speak to the instructor for further details.
What are the payment options?
Online payment via the above Eventbrite website.
Can I pay in instalments?
There is an option to do pay over two instalments, you will need to email cil [@] to arrange this.
What if I can’t afford it? Are any bursaries available?
Yes, there are, however you will need to email cil [@] for further details.
Are there group booking discounts?
There are no group bookings.
Who is the course suitable for and who should attend?
See CIL1 and CIL PLUS pages above for details.
What are the entry requirements?
There are no entry requirements for CIL 1. However, there are entry requirements for CIL PLUS, they have been mentioned above.
Are there any age restrictions?
Yes, students must be over 16.
What will I learn and which course topics are covered?
See CIL1 and CIL PLUS pages above for specific modules and their learning objctives.
Are the classes mixed?
Both classes are mixed however there are separate areas to seat men from women.
Are the sessions recorded?
No, they are not recorded.
Is there a cancellation policy?
There is a no cancellation policy.
What if I want a refund?
Once the course has commenced, there is a no refund policy.
If you have any specific questions you wish to ask about the course please email: cil [at]